Basic activity of the Stock Company "Lihnida" is plastic mass processing of which a wide palette of prod ucts are made, intended for the domestic market mainly, and increasingly for the foreign markets. "Lihnida" began operation as a regional factory about half a century ago (1960) and in 1970 a new plant was put into operation, which occupied 7500 m2 covered area equipped with modern machines for production of plastic mass. Today "Lihnida" is a contemporary compa ny employing 109 persons.

The company endeavors to follow the latest trends in production, extend the assortment of products and achieve top quality.

The company mainly deals with production (95%) and only a small portion with services (5%). Resources invested in the development of its activity are of own source. Special attention is paid to the procurement of modern machines for production of new and best quality products, in compliance with the strict criteria on the mar kets.

The production programme comprises:

  • squirted articles for wide consumption
  • transport manipulation packaging (plastic boxes for the dairy and bakery industry, fruit and vegetables and vegetables picking and for all types of bottles),
  • squirted technical products,
  • flush tanks with all fittings
  • plastic boxes for cheese of 20, 10, 5 and 2.5 I.
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